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Hi and Welcome.

picture-3.jpgMy name is Joe Hauckes and I am the writer, editor and publisher of Working at Home on the Internet. 

I have been Self-Employed for most of my working life. From running a Furniture Delivery Business right out of High School to Sub-Contracting doing Tree Work in the recent past. I was injured on the job and have not been able to do the physical labor required in most of the things involved in the Arborist Industry.

In between I managed an Auto-Dialer Unit with 75 persons on the phones. I integrated 2 Main Frame Computers with the Auto-Dialer and was responsible for all reporting on activity and productivity within the unit.

Since October of 2005, I have been learning and writing on my experiences trying to start, run and make a profit on the Internet. I am not the most experienced nor am I the most knowledgable, but I am Honest about things I find and like as well as things I dislike.

If I find something that has worked well for me, I will share it with you. The same is true in the reverse, if something I have come across stinks, I will let you know.

You have to realize that I started with no money in this endeavour and while I’m not getting rich, I am starting to make some money. I hope to actually start making a profit in the near future.

So, Visit Often, there is always something here to read since I post daily. Hopefully, you will enjoy what you find here and become a regular reader and friend.

Just for kicks, you may want to read My Fun Interview of Myself


    I appreciate you taking the time to visit, and hope you enjoy your stay. Look around, there are a lot of interesting posts for you to read and information for you to take with you.
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