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Working at Home Blog Carnival-Is No More!

WAHI Carnival

WAHI Carnival

As of today, I have decided to cancel all upcoming editions of the working at home blog carnival.

My orginal intent in starting the carnival was to provide a place for other work at homer type blogs to showcase their knowledge and experiences to our readers. I also wanted to give our readers some good links to informative sites that they would enjoy and possibly get some good information to help in their quest to become self-employed.

Even though I reviewed each and every submission before they would be approved for inclusion, it seems that wasn’t enough to accomplish my objectives with hosting a Blog Carnival.

There are quite a few reasons for this decision:

  • The Blog Carnival site is down more than it is up causing problems with scheduling for both the submitters and WAHI.
  • Requests for link removal due to Google penalties have been skyrocketing for quite some time.
  • Links have been disavowed by some former participants due to Google’s algorithm updates (without bothering to ask for link removal).
  • Organic Search results for Working at Home have plummeted.
  • RSS and e-mail subscribers have dropped steadily in the recent past.
  • Broken links for sites that had made submissions where they deleted their post have risen astronomically.

Sorry to anyone who still wanted to participate, but, at this point, after hosting Carnival Editions on a weekly basis for 384 weeks (boy that’s a lot of weeks), I have made up my mind that it’s not worth all the effort and decided to call it quits hosting them.

If you have links in any of the carnivals I have hosted and want them removed, please list the exact URL of the carnival edition(s) as well as the link(s) and text leading to your site and send your request through our Contact form.

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