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Working at Home Blog Carnival-348th Edition

WAHI Carnival

WAHI Carnival

Welcome to the July 12, 2013 edition of working at home blog carnival. This weeks Carnival has, as always, some really good articles. So, Sit Back and Enjoy.

And Here We Go…


Phil Byrne presents Offshore Banking: A Guide for UK Remote Workers posted at Live Work Abroad.

Alexa.Mason presents How to Identify Your Target Market for Your Freelance Business posted at Single Moms Income, saying, “Starting a freelance business is perhaps, one of the lowest cost businesses you can start. There are hardly any setup costs when it comes to freelancing. If you have the drive to succeed, patience, and a well thought out marketing strategy, you can kick your business into gear very quickly.”

Medo Joe presents 10 Critical Reasons Why You Should Work Online posted at Work Online From Home Free, saying, “In a world of day jobs, only few know that working online can beat any offline job if done effectively. This post is aimed at explaining why you should allocate at least 1 hour a day working online.”


Lisa Williams presents 10 of the Weirdest Questions Strangers Ask Nannies posted at Become A Nanny.


Diego Brown presents 10 of the Most Hated Cartoon Characters by Moms of All Time posted at National Nannies, saying, “Kids love their cartoons, and parents can often plop down on the family couch with a child in their lap and find themselves equally drawn in and amused. However, there are some characters many moms find themselves despising. Perhaps it is an irritating voice, a bad message they send to children, or an annoying, repetitive catch phrase.”


Jon Rhodes presents Experts Reveal How They Make Money Online posted at Affiliate Help!, saying, “Many top internet entrepreneurs reveal how they make money online. This is essential reading for internet marketers!”


John Schmoll presents The Potential Pitfalls of Working from Home posted at Frugal Rules, saying, “Working from home sounds like the perfect dream job as you have no boss to answer to and can set your own schedule. While there are many great benefits to working from home, there are also many drawbacks that if not realized, can really make working from home a challenge to many.”

Teri Jones presents 10 Baby Foods Not to Make at Home posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, “One thing that commercial baby foods may have over those of the homemade variety is large-scale nitrates testing and extensive knowledge of food safety as it relates to growing infants. As long as you make the effort to inform yourself regarding which foods can safely be used to make baby food, however, there’s no reason why you can’t whip up safe, nutritious and delicious food for your little one in no time at all.”

Caleb Hill presents What Should You Do When Your Boss Volunteers You to Watch the Neighbor’s Kids? posted at Nanny Classifieds, saying, “Working as a nanny can also be a complicated minefield of potential complications with your employers when boundaries aren’t respected.Being volunteered to watch children other than your charges is usually frustrating, especially when you’re already dealing with some degree of job creep. Handling the situation is complicated, though, especially if your employers are less than receptive to your concerns. These tips can help you handle such situations with relative ease.”

Sharon Moore presents 10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Creating and Maintaining a Family Schedule posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, “By loading your iPhone up with the best organization apps, you’ll always stay one step ahead and keep on top of your family schedules. You can create to-do lists, calendars and schedules with these ten iPhone apps, which you can then share with the whole family so everyone knows what they need to be doing and when.”

Kimberley Grabas presents Powerful Pictures Perform: How to Create Images That Grab Attention posted at Your Writer Platform, saying, “Images and graphics are an incredibly important tool for capturing your audience’s interest. Like multi-pixel eye-candy for your readers. In fact, images rank right up there with your post’s headline for creating impact, grabbing attention and enticing your reader into giving your article a chance when the competition is fierce. Add to that the growth of social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest–and the increased ease with which we can take, alter, upload and share images–and it’s impossible to avoid this new age of visual fascination. For many writers, this may be alien territory, but since the importance of images in today’s world can not be denied–or ignored–finding simple but effective ways to source, edit and incorporate images into your platform building is essential.”

Brittany Harris presents 10 Safety Tips to Follow when Boating with Kids posted at, saying, “Unfortunately, boating can also be a highly dangerous activity when there are kids involved and the adults on board aren’t properly educated on important safety rules”

Kimberly Raya presents 5 Signs You’re A Born Entrepreneur | Let Me Reach posted at Let Me Reach, saying, “This is a tongue-in-cheek list detailing signs that one may be a born entrepreneur.”

MITCHELL MORRIS presents How to Politely Decline an Invitation from Your Work Family posted at Full Time Nanny, saying, “Whether you’re trying to maintain reasonable, professional boundaries or simply can’t attend due to a previous obligation, turning down your employer’s invitations can be tricky business.”


Julieta Arteaga presents Do Stay At Home Mom Jobs Exist? | Have Fun and ProfitHave Fun and Profit posted at Have Fun and Profit, saying, “Are you wondering if stay at home mom jobs really exist?”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of working at home blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Since this is a community endeavour, please feel free to advise me through comments or my contact form if there is something you think I can do to improve the Carnival.

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