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Working at Home Blog Carnival-339th Edition

WAHI Carnival

WAHI Carnival

Welcome to the May 10, 2013 edition of working at home blog carnival. This weeks Carnival has, as always, some really good articles. So, Sit Back and Enjoy.

And Here We Go…


Jon Rhodes presents Top SEO’s Secrets To Social Media | Affiliate Help posted at Affiliate Help!, saying, “Here’s some great tips from some of the worlds tops SEO guys on how to gain more traffic from social media sites.”


Sydney Bell presents How to Tell People What You Do in 30 Seconds or Less posted at Longhorn Leads, LLC, saying, “An elevator speech is a short but effective description of your line of work that can be given if you found yourself in an elevator with a potential professional connection In a job market that’s still highly competitive as the economy struggles to rebound, it’s more essential than ever that professionals look for new and innovative ways of marketing themselves when the opportunity arises.”

Andrew presents Tips For Students Starting An Online Business – posted at, saying, “A useful article for students interested in starting an online business from home. Some great tip’s including utilizing tools to make the most of your time and setting goals to get you motivated.”

Liz E presents A Crash Course in Citizenship and Business posted at Homeschooling in Buffalo, saying, “This post tells about sharing our landlord experience with our kids which allows us more freedom to be home.”


John Thomas presents Is It Smart to Hire My Mom to Care for My Kids? posted at Houston Nanny, saying, “If you’re lucky enough to have your mother live close to you, it may seem like the perfect solution to all your childcare problems, because no one is going to care for them better than Grandma. But you also know it’s a tricky situation and there’s the possibility that it could strain your personal relationship.”


Jim Wilson presents 12 Tips for Choosing a Family-Friendly First Pet posted at Babysitters, saying, “Introducing a pet to your household can provide your kids with a companion that they love and can help them learn about responsibility and compassion as they care for the animal. It’s important for parents to remember, however, that not all pets are created equal when it comes to compatibility with kids.”

Theresa Torres presents 6 Technical Skills Every Work-From Home Mom Should Master posted at Home Jobs by MOM, saying, “These technical skills can help your business running smoothly and save you money in the long run.”


Sharon Moore presents 10 Signs Your Nanny Job May Be Coming to an End posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, “The loss of a nanny job may be the result of personality clashes or differences in opinion, but they can also be lost through absolutely no fault of your own. When the end comes with no warning, regardless of who’s at fault, it can also be financially devastating. you need to start brushing the dust off of your resume because your current post could be coming to an end.”

Arianna Lee presents Should I Offer a Part-time Nanny Benefits? posted at Part Time Nanny, saying, “Benefits can be a confusing topic for nanny employers, especially because there aren’t any across the board guidelines for any part of the compensation package for full or part-time nannies.”

Tom Clark presents When Your Nanny Asks for a Raise and You Can’t Afford to Give Her One | Nanny Agencies posted at Nanny Agencies, saying, “If you’re stretching your household budget to the limits in order to pay your nanny’s salary as it is, dealing with the pressure of handling a request for a raise can be incredibly stressful.”

UB Hawthorn presents IS TELECOMMUTING FOR YOU? Pros and cons of telework [infographic] | The Mindful Word posted at The Mindful Word, saying, “This Infographic profiles teleworkers and outlines the pros and cons of telecommuting to individuals, the environment, the economy, businesses and society.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of working at home blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

If you would like to host one of my Carnivals, just use the contact form to make arrangements.

Remember, when you submit an article, please fill in the Category and Remark Fields to add your own description of your post.

Please Submit only ONE Article per Carnival, additional articles Will Not Be Accepted.

Since this is a community endeavour, please feel free to advise me through comments or my contact form if there is something you think I can do to improve the Carnival.

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