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The Third Child

This last year we adopted another child. She behaves, listens, loves to be around us and is just a pleasure to be around.

She is our little doggie, Lila. (55 pounds is not so little!)

She is 2 years old and is full of energy and love. Since we have moved here she has wanted to be outside more, has made friends with the other dogs in the neighborhood as well as the humans. Everyone LOVES her – and that is just great.

Little Lila is my third child. She needs, wants, and deserves my attention. I take her for a long walk multiple times per week – though I would like to every day. We pet her and play with her and just love her.

What we get back from her is unconditional love. We adopted her when she was a year old. She had been a stray and there isn’t much history on her. Knowing all of this we fell in love with her and adopted her. And let me tell you – we lucked out. She is wonderful!

She has added so much to all of our lives. Thanks Lila!

Brooke has been a part of the WAHI family since March 2009 writing articles for the WAHM Wisdom section. She has had her own business since 1997, – Cataluña – web sites redesigned from scratch. Her newest business venture is Cataluña Designs – unique hair BLING – has been around since January 2010 and has been a wonderful adventure.

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