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Three Ladies On A Walk

I have heard the same story for years. “The kids are now in school full time and I/my husband needs/wants me to go back to work.” This all sounds great but there are some issues.

“I won’t be the primary breadwinner so it doesn’t make sense to get into a “career”.”

“I need to only work from 9-2 so I can be at home when the kids get back from school.”

“I have to make enough so that it makes sense and it’s worth it.”

So many women I know are in this position. So many women/mothers are looking for that job. Most don’t need to make a lot. Most don’t want a career. Most don’t even need insurance because they get it through their husbands.

So what do they do?

There were three of us taking a walk today and we desperately want to find an answer. We want to find that job, create that business, or find something that will help all the mothers out there. It seems that there must be an answer – we just have to figure that out.

If any of you already know what that answer might be – please let me know!

Brooke has been a part of the WAHI family since March 2009 writing articles for the WAHM Wisdom section. She has had her own business since 1997, – Cataluña – web sites redesigned from scratch. Her newest business venture is Cataluña Designs – unique hair BLING – has been around since January 2010 and has been a wonderful adventure.

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