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Creating New Routines

So we are pretty much settled into our new house.  Clothes are put away, everything is in the kitchen where it needs to be, we are finding everything and all of our possessions now have a home.  Yeah, we have a few things that we need to figure out (like the entryway from the garage…right now it is just a pile of shoes).  In time we will get all of that handled.

So it seems that everything is done!  Everything is set!


It’s the people and the dog that live in this house (that’s us) that are not quite settled.  We are finding our way around, doing as many school activities that we can, making new friends and just trying to fit in.  What we have not done is create routines.

  • What’s the morning routine look like?
  • What happens after school with the kids?
  • How much work has to be done at night?
  • What’s the dogs routine?
  • When should we eat dinner?

We have some routines from our old house that we carried over – but in most cases it is just part of that routine that we can use.  As the weeks have gone by things have slowly fallen into place.  And I have to say that they have fallen nicely.  We just have a few more things to sort out.


What gas station am I using?

Brooke has been a part of the WAHI family since March 2009 writing articles for the WAHM Wisdom section. She has had her own business since 1997, – Cataluña – web sites redesigned from scratch. Her newest business venture is Cataluña Designs – unique hair BLING – has been around since January 2010 and has been a wonderful adventure.


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