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Do You Get “Bright Light Syndrome” from Your Computer Screen?

plt_sun_116If you’re like me, you work long hours on your computer. More often than not, the work could very well take you into the wee hours of the night.

That’s when you notice how Bright your computer screen can be, especially if you are working outside on the patio or deck with almost no outside lights on. Hurts your eyes and when you turn your head away from the screen, you can’t see a thing.

I came across something called F.lux the other day that will automatically Dim the monitor at dusk to alleviate the ‘Bright Light Syndrome” that almost killed Gizmo. It also Brightens your screen to full settings at dawn (not that you get up THAT early) without touching anything. There is also a nifty little click box in case you have some color sensitive work to do at night.


It’s Free, simple to download and install on Windows or Linux (sorry MAC users). Just set it and forget it.

I downloaded it last week and really find that it helps with eye irritation due to staring at a bright screen at night. How about you? Have you tried it yet? Does it help save your night vision?

Update: There is a MAC version now, it must be a pretty useful tool!

Source: Techie Buzz

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