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This Weeks Helpful Reads… Week 146


This is an ongoing series of interesting and helpful reads that I have come across on the Internet. I try to include the most helpful articles and links each week to provide the widest range of information for the home business entrepreneur.

How to Succeed Marketing to Generation “G” by Brian Clark… You have to know who you are marketing to in order to succeed in business. According to Brian and many others, the newest customers are more defined by Generosity and not Greed. Check this post out to see if you agree.

Web Work 101: Setting Up Your Home Office by Dawn Foster… Some of the things Dawn lists are “gimmies” but there are some Must haves and some Should haves that you may not have considered. She did a poll of her Twitter followers to get their input and you may find some of the responses (including comments) interesting.

I hope you find some of these articles informational and helpful. I think they will be enjoyable reading nonetheless.

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