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Working at Home Blog Carnival-Seventieth Edition


Welcome to the February 1, 2008 edition of working at home blog carnival. This weeks Carnival has, as always, some really good articles. So, Sit Back and Enjoy.

And Here We Go…


Fred Black presents Search Engine Ranking Factors posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

Carol Bentley presents Saying thanks. . . posted at Carol Bentley.

GP presents Come as a Guest Leave as a Friend posted at Innside Montana-Your Home at the Range, saying, “Come as a Guest… leave as a friend.. .rules for biz and life”

Kingsley Tagbo presents How to Overcome Procrastination in 8 Easy Steps: The Fastest Way to Learn Technical Skills or Get a Job posted at HOW TO LEARN COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FAST OR GET A JOB EASILY.

Thursday Bram presents What If? Emergency Planning for Your Writing posted at, saying, “Information on emergency planning. While this post relates primarily to freelance writing, it can also provide a valuable resource to others who work from home/”

Matt OConnor presents The Make Money Online DNA posted at Adventures In Internet Marketing.

Rich Vosler presents Finding the lesson in your struggle posted at Sales Training Tips, saying, “How are struggles can benefit us if you search for their lessons”

Sophia Levis presents Bamboozled. posted at Sophia’s Blog, saying, “A discussion about Mystery Shopping jobs – real and fake.”

James D. Brausch presents Turn Off The Tube & Turn On Your Business posted at Internet Business Blog, saying, “Advice on not watching TV, so that you have more time to achieve what you want”

Tali presents The Internet Business Manifesto (a.k.a “The Schefren Slap?) posted at The Marketer Review, saying, “The past few months have brought me to a boiling point. As I couldn’t find any worthy freebies to review, I went head-first into my treasure chest of long-lost free reports and retrieved something worth reviewing: Rich Schefren’s Internet Business Manifesto.”


Andrew Erickson presents Taking the Long View – Are You In Business? posted at WebSite Werx, saying, “Ecommerce Business”

Hill Robertson presents You Must Spend Your Money and Time Wisely posted at Hill Robertson, saying, “Spend your money and time wisely. Take note of the value of your time and make sure you are getting your money’s worth for yourself.”

ryan valen presents Legitimate and Safe Career Online posted at Academia-Research blog everything about how to write a good paper., saying, “There are certain legal implications when one wishes to find a new job. Of course, when you need to set up an improvement goal for yourself, you must have the necessary skills and capacity to address the legal matters outside of the company you will be leaving.”

American Entrepreneur presents Are You Ready to Manage Your Small Business? posted at American Small Business News.

Anita Campbell presents Top Experts Dish with their Best Kept Marketing Secrets posted at Small Business Trends, saying, “I asked a group of the world’s top marketers, small biz experts and marketers for their best kept marketing secret. Oh, and there’s something in it for the reader, too. Readers are invited to submit their own marketing tip. At the end of February, 100 of the best tips will be included in a free downloadable PDF with a link back to their website. It’s a way for bloggers to get added visibility for their blogs or websites.”

Sarah Paine presents Discover Niche Markets to Earn Extra Money Working Online posted at Sarah Paine.

Dr. Joe Capista presents What can a dentist teach me about business, life and success? posted at The Success Triangle, saying, “Building a successful business takes more than a business or marketing plan. It takes effective and efficient systems. The daily challenges of running a business can be overwhelming without appropriate systems in place; systems that allow you to create a life of Total Success. Building a successful business also means having success in your personal life. The kind of success many people want and few achieve. Learn proven insights from a wildly successful dentist who understands the relationship between one’s personal and professional life to create Total Success.”

Kenton Newby presents 6 Tips for Better Recordings When Creating Your Infoproducts posted at

Adrian presents How to Successfully Advertise Your Blog posted at Path to Your Destiny, saying, “Most of us who are working from home try out our hands on an online business – in most cases, a blog. This post goes into ways to successfully advertise a blog you may have; in order to make any money from blogging, you first need traffic! These tips can also be applied to almost any website you have online that you wish to monetize. Enjoy!”

Stephen Dean presents Stop Assuming So Much posted at Stephen Dean’s Copywriting And Internet Advertising Blog – Copywriter, saying, “In advertising, business, and life in general, your assumptions can cost money. Always test them”

Rebecca Suzanne Dean presents ?What Is It Makes Some Letters Pay?? posted at Rebecca Dean, saying, “Writing good sales copy”

Martin Russell presents SendOutCards Australia posted at Word of Mouth Marketing, saying, “SendOutCards is not only a home business itself, it’s also an awesome tool for OFFLINE customer follow-up and networking tool that you do at your computer.”

Hill Robertson presents Work Your Internet Business in Peace and Quiet posted at Hill Robertson, saying, “Avoid distractions by working on your business when you can really focus and be more productive.”

WebSiteWerx presents Email Marketing for Ecommerce – Part I: What Is It? Why Do It? posted at WebSite Werx, saying, “Email marketing for ecommerce. What it is and why you should be doing it.”


Alfa King presents Blogging and Earning Income Online – Interview with Skellie posted at Alfa King Memories.

Tina Su presents Train Your Eyes to See Color, Again posted at Think Simple. Be Decisive..

Charles Eglinton presents – eBay Bidding Tips & Selling Tips posted at – eBay Bidding Tips & Selling Tips.

Ian Richardson presents What do Spaghetti Westerns and Internet Marketing have in common? posted at Make Everything EzyAs123.

Joshua C. Karlin presents The Single Most Important Thing Your Business (or Charity) Needs posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Mark Riffey presents Tiger Woods and the “upcoming” economic recession posted at Business is Personal.

Ron Ruiz presents Farms Open Doors to Tourists posted at The Business Ideas-Making Money Blog.

Richard Lee presents Internet Business Ideas posted at Richard Lee.

Ed Rivis presents Powerful Marketing Tactic. posted at Ed Rivis.

Thomas D. Brownsword presents Where I Am, Where I Am Going, And How I Will Get There posted at Business Action Steps.


Vahid Chaychi presents Staying at Home Can Work for Moms posted at, saying, “Have you ever asked yourself the does it really worth to leave the kids with someone else and go to work? Did you know that you will have to pay for the problems that it makes more than what you earn through your career?”


Kitone presents Warning: Easiest Ways To Make Money Online – Use Caution posted at Best Ways To Make Money Online, saying, “Blogging is a popular activity for those looking to make money working at home. This article provides some advice for those looking to make money blogging.”

David B. Bohl presents 5 Great Things About Blogging posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, “These days, it seems everyone has a blog, and if you don’t have one, you’re supposed to. It’s “good business,” “great self-promotion.” Many people have blogs just because they think it’s the smart thing to do to build their business, and for no other reason.”

Raymond presents Choosing To File My Own Taxes Rather Than Hiring An Accountant To Do It For Me posted at Money Blue Book, saying, “File your own taxes rather than outsourcing it – you’ll save money”

Joshua C. Karlin presents Reason Why Sales & Marketing – The Power of Because? posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Carol Bentley presents Outsourcing or when DIY writing is best posted at Carol Bentley, saying, “when you should outsource your sales and marketing writing.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of working at home blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. If you would like to host one of my Carnivals, just use the contact form to make arrangements.

Remember, when you submit an article, please fill in the Category and Remark Fields to add your own description of your post.

Please Submit only ONE Article per Carnival, additional articles Will Not Be Accepted.

Since this is a community endeavour, please feel free to advise me through comments or my contact form if there is something you think I can do to improve the Carnival.

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