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This Weeks Helpful Reads… Week 52


This is an ongoing series (I can’t believe it’s been a Full Year already) of interesting and helpful reads that I have come across on the Internet. I try to include the most helpful articles and links each week to provide the widest range of information for the home business entrepreneur.

Falling in Love with the Unintended Audience by Carson Brackney (on CopyBlogger)… Sometimes the people who read your blog aren’t the ones you intended to reach, but you should appreciate them anyway.

Finding Advertisers for Your Blog by Darren Rowse… Darren give some great tips on the subject (as always) to one of his readers questions.

Freelancing: First eight months by Jesse Skinner… Jesse shares what he has learned and gives some great tips on handling being a Freelancer.

Seal the Deal: 10 Tips for Writing the Ultimate Landing Page by Roberta Rosenberg (on CopyBlogger)… Learn how Not to make the same mistakes some really big companies do, Make sure your readers land where you intended.

I hope you find some of these articles informational and helpful. I think they will be enjoyable reading nonetheless.

~~~ All the above can be considered infected with the Link-Leak Virus ~~~

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