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This Weeks Helpful Reads… Week 51


This is an ongoing series of interesting and helpful reads that I have come across on the Internet. I try to include the most helpful articles and links each week to provide the widest range of information for the home business entrepreneur.

7 Tips On Claiming Your Tax Deductions for Business and Charitable Contributions by Silicon Valley Blogger… Tax Time is here for All US Residents and Businesses. Maybe this will help you this Tax Season.

A Simple Four-Step Strategy for Developing Content That Connects by Brian Clark… Brian explains 4 different ways people learn and how to deal with the various types of learner in order to succeed.

Prices for ‘.com’ and ‘.net’ to rise by  Anick Jesdanun (AP)… If you are planning on Registering or Renewing a .com or .net domain, do it soon. Verisign is planning on raising rates by 7% and 10% respectively on Oct. 15 ’07. (the projection is $29MILLION per YEAR in additional profits)

Building Blog Relationships: Reaching Out by Lorelle VanFossen (on The Blog Herald)… Lorelle tells us how building relationships on your Blog can make you money by building Trust.

Custom vs Premade Blog Themes by Matthew Coddington (on ProBlogger)… Matt gives both the Pros and Cons of using the different types of platforms for Business or Pleasure.

I hope you find some of these articles informational and helpful. I think they will be enjoyable reading nonetheless.

~~~ All the above can be considered infected with the Link-Leak Virus ~~~

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