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Why I Resorted To GoFundMe Part 2

 The Saga Continues…

(Origianlly posted on my Baby Boomers US Blog) Once in the energency room and upon examination of my left leg it was deemed by the doctors on call that I had to be admitted and examined by a Cardio-Vascular surgeon to determine the extent of the damage to the leg.

Ater being admitted to Delaware County Memorial Hospital and assessment by the surgeon, it was found that a clot in the main artery of the leg was causing all the problems. There was no circulation at all from my calf all the way down to the toes. The doctor told me that the only way to stop the deterioration of the whole leg was to amputate everything from above the knee.

 Of course I said no. The doctor then told me that if it wasn’t done, the leg would basically rot and the poison would keep spreading enough that I would probably die.

After a short discussion with Karen, we made the decision to take the leg the next day. That is when they transferred me to Crozer-Chester Medical Center for the actual operation. Cutting the leg off only took a few hours and when I woke up I thought the pain would be gone. Wrong.

There really is such a thing as “Ghost Pain”. It’s a good thing they put me on strong  pain meds right away because not only did I feel the pain in my leg from before, Now I had the additional pain of the actual wound from the cutting off surgery.

The next update will cover the rehab experience, home recovery and our decision to send Karen to the emergency room to take care of her hernia.

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    Why I Resorted to GoFundMe part1

    This is taken from MY Baby Boomers US blog.

     I know the post announcing my GoFundMe page was a little vague. I’ll attempt to clarify the happenings of the last few months which should explain why I felt the need to as for help financially from all of you.

    Starting around Mid-September both Karen and I began having some problems physically. Karen had a hernia that was acting up and got progressivly worse. I, on the other hand, began having some pain in my left leg where I had steel implanted from an accident about 15 years ago.

    Karen took on less work in her hairdressing business due to the pressure of standing all day long. I slowed my lawnmowing and landscaping activities to almost nil.

    As October rolled around, my left leg swelled to twice it’s normal size and I couldn’t stand the pain or stand up without crutches.

    So, Karen decided that I should go to the emergency room to have it checked out, no matter what I said. She told me that her hernia was not bothering her too much and we should take care of my leg first. I tried to protest and have her looked at first to no avail. Needless to say, I lost that argument and went to Delaware County Memorial Hospital on October 15th for emergency treatment and get all fixed up.

    Since this is a very long story, I will continue it in a series of posts. So stay tuned.

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    Why I Haven’t Been Around Lately

    Sad But True Story

    This past October on the 17th, I had my left leg amputated and I am doing fairly well adjusting to the crutches.
    My live-in x-wife Karen, was helping me with adjusting to the new situation and was paying all the bills.

    Then in November, she had an emergency operation for what turned out to be Lynch Syndrome (a colerectal type cancer we didn’t know she had).
    She died on the operating table on her 60 th Birthday, November 29.
    Her memorial service is tomorrow, 12/19/14.

    Needless to say, the Medical bills as well as the electric, water etc bills are unable to be paid.
    I’m hoping to get SSI to help keep things going with the household bills, but that takes 3-5 months which could easily take me into mid-March and the bills won’t wait.

    I appreciate any help fincancially that you may think is appropriate to my situation.

    I started a GoFundMe page to try and cope with all the bills that are piling up.

    Help if you can.



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